Golden Rock or Kyaikhtiyo pagoda

It is located 160km from North East of Yangon. This one is considered as one of the most outstanding pagodas as its position. A massive boulder 7½ meters high hanging over a cliff provides for an incredible sight. The rock balances on the edge of a cliff and it is like to be fallen anytime while the touchpoint is very small. With its unusual position, it is believed that the boulder is protecting by a strand of hair from Buddha. By anyway, this place is an important pilgrimage site for Burmese Buddhists.

Ngapali beach

Ngapali beach is an incredible undiscovered beach in Myanmar and is one of the most favorite beaches in Asia. The beach is sandy white, clean, palm tree-lined coast and fantastic for walking and running. You could join in some of the water sports here like snorkeling, scuba diving, local fishing boat, sea kayaking… You are recommended to visit this beach from the middle of Oct to April of the next year, the rest of the time during the rainy season, Tourism of Ngapali is sleeping and may be waiting for you to come and wake her up.


Myeik City, located in the far south of the region is a must see. Apart from being a gorgeous and remote island, Myeik also has a host of to an amazing colonial-era buildings, and boasts a 500-year long nautical history. The clear waters are also perfect for pearl cultivation. The Myeik Archipelago (MA) comprises about 800 islands of primarily limestone and granite located along 60 km off Myanmar's southern coast.